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Quasar Comet Quasar
Abilities database

Database Design/Build

Abilities search engine

Custom Search Engines

Abilities ecommerce


Abilities web and mobile

Web and Mobile Apps

Abilities cms

Websites and CMS

Abilities data viz

Reporting and
Data Visualization

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We Use

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JavaScript, Node, React, Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps

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Ruby on Rails, Rails API

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Custom CMS, Wordpress, Drupal

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PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB

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Elasticsearch, Sidekiq, Twilio API, Slack API, Stripe API, Braintree API

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Heroku, AWS, WPEngine, Custom Hosting

About Us

Team angeleah

Angeleah Daidone

Full-stack Developer

Hands-on development skills with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL, using Test-Driven Development

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Team randy

Randy Burgess

Team Lead and Developer

18+ years of CTO and hands-on development roles. Experience with full-stack coding, leadership, and classroom teaching scenarios.

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Team megan

Megan Schemmel

Web Developer

HTML, CSS, and Wordpress development

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